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Vogue Magazine (August 2008) - ‘Fashion Pet’

His name? Koguma. (Korean word for ‘sweet potato’)

His breed? Toy poodle.

How long have you been together? 4 years. (Since this was in 2008, it’ll be 8 years now.)

He is what kind of guy? He’s a guy who hides in the bathroom when lightning strikes, doesn’t drink a drop of water when he’s alone, is easily frightened, and is sensitive by nature.

How has he changed you?  When I lost my first children, two Yorkshire terriers, and had fallen into loneliness, he saved me. 

What’s great about being with him? The fact that it’s a comfort that he’s simply by my side!

Credits: Name (scans) + Kim Dongwan Tumblr (eng trans)

Ugh Dongwan… so sneaky… you know I can’t resist men who love dogs. hmph.


Minwoo and Dongwan at Come to Play 070810

In relation to yesterday night’s post, here is my first ever gif-set of Minwoo from Come to Play. Seriously, nosebleeding from his hotness!

Yep so instead of doing my uni work…I made my first ever gifs. I am seriously the queen of procrastination. But so worth it :D I was giggling to myself the whole way through hehehe

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